Message from the Honorary Chairperson

‘I have always enjoyed working, loved my job and conducted my business with honesty, patience and gratitude. Life may seem hard, but if you are patient, it will smile on you.

I have always been grateful. You should always be grateful for your health and for everything you have. But there is something else that you should also hold on to: determination. In other words, aspiring for success and being determined to achieve it...

You need to like people. Then you should enjoy team work and chase after success. You need to be proactive to be able to achieve remarkable things. You should dream and hold onto your dreams. You need to work hard...

These were the values that we believed in, when we established the Yaşar Group and brought it to where it is today.  As long as we live, we are committed to continue to serve our people and our country, together with the support of our stakeholders. I look forward to the Yaşar Group going from strength to strength, and always progressing forward...’

Selçuk Yaşar
Honorary Chairperson