Desa Enerji

Desa Enerji was established in 1996 as an auto-producing company, supplying electricity and heat to the companies in the Yaşar Group. The company also generates power with an installed power capacity of 9.8 MW at its Pınarbaşı Plant, in line with the licence awarded by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK).

Desa Enerji provides an uninterrupted service to the Yaşar Group companies.  In 2015, the company generated a total of 174 million kWh of power.  In the same year, the company was awarded the ‘Environmental Permit’ for its Pınarbaşı Plant. An expansion project is on track for 2016, to increase the installed capacity of the Pınarbaşı Plant to 15.6 MW. The required certification, the ‘Environmental Impact Assessment’ (EIA), has already been gained and the necessary investment allocated.