Dyo Boya

Dyo Boya is known as the original paint brand in Turkey and over the years has become one of the leading brand names in the coatings industry.  The company has grown from its small-scale origins to a top ranked company with significant market share and high volume of paint production. The paint operation started in 1927 with Durmuş Yaşar’s Bureau and developed over the years into a paint producing workshop in 1941. A further milestone was reached with the establishment of the Dyo Boya Fabrikaları in the Bornova region of Izmir in 1953. Since then, Dyo Boya has been a prominent name in the Turkish coatings industry.

Dyo Boya is the only Turkish company to operate in every area of the coatings sector.  It offers innovative product options and aims to exceed the expectations and needs of its customers.  

The company focuses on maintaining its leading position and pioneering role in this highly-competitive industry. It sells its products in some 40 countries. Dyo Boya has three manufacturing facilities in Turkey: in Dilovası, Gebze, in Çiğli, Izmir and in Turgutlu,Manisa. The Çiğli plant is the largest in Turkey’s paint and coatings sector.  It produces furniture coatings and varnishes, industrial coatings, automotive coatings, marine coatings, polyester and alkyd coatings. Construction and powder coatings are produced at the Gebze and Turgutlu plants respectively.

Dyo Boya, together with its international affiliates, offer some 1,200 products in a range of 60,000 colour options with 3,500 packaging designs, under the brand names of Dyo, Dewilux and Casati.

The company prioritises quality enhancement, increased production capacity and reliable uninterrupted operating processes, by directing investment into machinery upgrades and the development of new integrated information systems.

In 2015, the company purchased Micro Mofa equipment for the Çiğli Plant to be able to implement faster and more efficient manufacturing of specific product groups. The company’s total investments in 2015 amounted to TL 18.8 million.

Following market research and an in-depth understanding of its customer base, Dyo Boya continues to develop new innovative products and strives to offer effective and pioneering solutions to meet the needs of different market segments.  A total of 26% of its R&D projects are allocated to new product development. 

In 2015, a range of new products were added to the company’s portfolio.  These predominantly focused on products, which could be manufactured industrially and could provide added value when sold on a commercial basis. The company continued to engage in collaborations with its suppliers, as it looked to develop new products, advance product design and grow the brand names.

A laboratory for R&D was commissioned by Dyo Boya in 1967 to develop new, customized products. This work was bolstered in 2009 with the opening of a new R&D Centre, that paved the way for the company becoming a sector leader for innovative manufacturing.

The company continues to use the combined strength of its R&D Centre with its accurate market insight, to develop new products that transform and influence the current market dynamics.

Dyo Boya is also a founding member of the Communication and Collaboration Platform for R&D Centres.  This was established on 31st March 2015 with the purposes of improving R&D activities in Turkey and finding solutions to shared problems.

With its range of products and services, Dyo Boya has been in the Turkish coatings industry for 62 years.  It is a well-established company, known for its commitment to quality and excellence, as part of the corporate culture. It offers a range of known and trusted brands, as well as continually striving to improve its quality standards through external certification, new business models and trainings.

Dyo Boya continues to offer a selection of innovative, high-quality products to its customers through its strong dealer network.  It proactively looks for ways to surpass international manufacturing standards, and the company is constantly reviewing its quality enhancement measures, in line with the EFQM Model of Excellence and National Quality Movement.

Dyo was also awarded Turkey’s Award of Excellence, based on the EFQM evaluation criteria, and was commended on its high performance, as well as its continuous progress and development.

The company looks to continue to grow its customer satisfaction and loyalty, by focusing on the provision of innovative products of superior quality and prioritising the strength of the product distribution network.