Pınar Süt

Pınar Süt was founded in Izmir in 1973.  At the time the Pınar dairy plant was the largest in the Middle East and the most advanced in Europe.  In 1975, the first long life milk product was introduced to Turkish consumers.   To this day, the company continues to produce and sell milk, yoghurt, ayran, cheese, fruit juices, butter, cream, puddings, ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, sauces, jams, desserts and powder products. Over the years Pınar Süt has been a significant contributor to the Turkish dairy farming and food industries.

With its plants in Izmir, Eskişehir and Şanlıurfa, the manufacturing operation of the company is in full compliance with EU food quality and safety standards.  Business collaborations have been established with 358 establishments, 144 of which are quality supplier farms. The company builds long-term relations and is committed to supporting its 20,000 plus producers, as well as backing the important role played by the Turkish dairy farming industry.

Pınar Süt’s founding principle is to offer high-quality products that add value to lives.  The company’s approach to quality starts with the supply of raw materials.  It closely follows the development of new technologies in the industry and applying them to manufacturing, machinery, marketing, product development, quality enhancement, packaging, information systems, logistics, and product implementation.

The company’s uptake of technology (Lean 6 Sigma and Operational Cost Improvement applications) has ensured that quality has been maintained and significant cost savings have been made over the years. With the focus on efficiency, immediate and long-term action plans have been put into practice without any loss in the overall product production.

Pınar Süt has been the first company in Turkey to launch packaged milk. It continues in 2015 to be the leading name in its specific product lines. It has further strengthened its position when the Şanlıurfa Plant started production this year.

Pınar Süt has maintained a strong and stable financial position in 2015.  It has increased its net sales to 1.01 billion TL with a growth of 7.5%.  In revenue terms, it’s growth in 2015 was 19.7% in the cheese sector, 6% in the milk sector and 33.6% in the ayran sector.  It maintained its leading position in all its key areas of production.  It increased its brand value with a range of new product launches, based on consumer needs and coupled with successful marketing campaigns and effective communication strategies. In terms of Turkish market share value, it strengthened its lead in 2015, holding 31.3% share of the total UHT long-life milk market, 29% share of the whole milk market, 64.1% of the skimmed milk market and 75.5% of the fortified children’s milk market. Pınar Süt is also the leading name in Turkey’s sector for spreading cheese.  It holds 36.2% of the total market share value, 48.6% of the labne soft cheese segment and 19.8% of the cream cheese segment.

In 2015, Pınar Süt exported its products to 28 countries and generated 46 million USD.  58% of its exports were to the Gulf Region. Pınar labne cheese has a market share of 25.6% in Saudi Arabia, 37.8% in UAE and 47.2% in Kuwait.  The company sent its first exports of labne and white cheese to the UK in March 2015. Pınar Süt is one of three brands that has been approved for exporting to Russia.  Cheese exports to Russia have been maintained from April 2015 until the end of the year.

The Şanlıurfa Plant came into production in 2015, initially producing milk, yoghurt, ayran and fruit juices.  Over time, the range of products will be increased and diversified, in line  with demand in the region. The plant, which uses the latest automation and manufacturing technology, is eco-friendly and consumes minimum energy. When this plant came into production, the raw milk processing capacity of the company increased by 18%.

In 2015, Pınar Süt has focused on its R&D work to be able to develop new products and packaging, as well as refine existing ones. The company has also worked on product reformulation, process enhancement, product and packaging production tests, benchmarking, training programmes, and working with a range of materials and suppliers. The company has also made significant revisions to its IT infrastructure to improve its business continuity, data security and cost optimization.

According to the 2015 CDP Climate Change Report for Turkey, Pınar Süt was featured as the first company in Turkey to voluntarily respond to the CDP Climate Change Programme. Moreover, it was one of the companies that delivered its related strategies in line with the rating methodology and using the CDP platform. For this work, Pınar Süt joined the CDP Global A List of companies and was awarded as a CDP Leader in Climate Change.