Çamlı Yem ve Besicilik

Çamlı Yem ve Besicilik is an integrated Yaşar Holding company, which was founded in 1983 to produce animal feed.  Today the company, with its range of hundreds of distinct products, has become a key player in the development of the agriculture, livestock and fisheries industries in Turkey and in the Aegean Region.  It slots into the food production process between farm and dining table, with its animal feed production, fish farming, organic dairy farming, turkey farming and plant feed production.

The company was ranked 377th in the list of ‘Top 500 Industrial Enterprises’ presented by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) in June 2015.  It was also ranked 35th in their list of ‘Top 100 Companies in the Aegean Region.’  The company’s net sales reached TL 347.7 million in 2015. 

The company has positioned itself as a pioneer in the industry. Over the years, it has developed a range of innovative and sustainable products under the brands of ‘Çamlı’ (cattle feed), ‘Bioaqua’ (fish-feed), ‘Biofarm’ (organic fertilizer), ‘Cooldog’ (dog food) and ‘Pınar Deniz’ (Pınar fish).

Çamlı Animal Feed is committed to the sustainable growth of the industry and follows the philosophy of ‘produce more with less input.’ It has been the first company in Turkey to be audited and certified, based on the GLOBAL GAP (CFM) and GLOBAL GAP (AQUA) standards. The company carries out all its production processes within the scope of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standards and is certified with the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate.

Çamlı Yem ve Besicilik produces bovine feed (for dairy cattle, beef cattle and calves), ovine feed (for sheep and goats) and poultry feeds. In addition to its standard product range, the company extended its product portfolio to include specialised and functional feeds in 2015. The new products were developed specifically for the conditions in the Aegean Region: - ‘Ege 19 , ‘Ege 21 ‘Ege Buzağı Büyütme and ‘Ege Besi’. The company has continued to support its livestock producers giving trainings, via its team of experts, in such areas as farm management and animal health.

Çamlı Yem ve Besicilik also has a portfolio of feed for fish, including trout, sea bream and sea bass, as well as specialised fish feeds. In 2015, the company extended its product range of fish feeds with the ‘MultiMax’ line, which supports the health and growth of fish, as well as the  ‘Growmax’ line, which has been specially developed for trout.

In the turkey industry, Çamlı Yem ve Besicilik uses only the best and most effective breeds for farming. The company established the first integrated turkey facilities in the country incorporating a hatchery, the Pınar Et slaughterhouse, and contracted livestock producers under the integrated Yaşar Group name. The company implements biosecurity, food traceability and safety processes in accordance with EU standards.  Its aim is to lead the industry in the development of new breeds of turkey and other types of poultry.

The company has also established an organic milk farm, which started its operations in Manisa in the Aegean Region in 2011. Today this farm has the highest milk production capacity in Turkey and supplies high-quality, hygienic, fresh organic milk to the dairy industry.  The facility has a land area of 1,566 decares, implements organic agriculture and produces organic feed crops.

The company gained its ‘Certificate for the Organic Production of Agriculture and Livestock’ following audits by IMO Control, which is accredited by the EU Commission for Organic Agriculture.  The company also supports organic agriculture through contracted production, which aims to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and agricultural pesticides in the region.

The company also produces plant nutrient and organic fertilizers, in liquid and solid versions, as well as a new generation of specialist fertilizers.  The aim has been to improve the productivity of the agricultural sector through enhanced soil quality and increased crop yield. The company was awarded the ‘Ecocert Organic Production’ certificate for the work carried out at their factory.

The company also prioritised the establishment of Turkey’s first fish farm. This has the capacity to produce 8,000 tons of fish a year, and exports, under the category of fresh fish products, have amounted to some 21 million USD. Sea bass, sea bream and black sea bream have been exported primarily to Europe, North America and the countries of the Middle East. The company has become a market leader in many of the 30 countries, where the exports are being sent.

The Çamlı company was the first in Turkey to receive a ‘Good Practices in Agriculture’ certificate for its work under the Pınar Balık brand name.  It also made an international documentary, called ‘Friend of the Sea,’ about the sustainability of fishing.  These activities reinforce the company’s philosophy to ensure that the production of Pınar sea bream and sea bass, follow sustainable principles and maintain the natural balance of the environment. In addition, Pınar Fisheries became the one and only fish brand in Turkey to receive an international award in the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) competition, when  Pınar Balık’ sea bream and sea bass were selected as the winners of the ‘Superior Taste Award.’