Pınar Su

Pınar Su was the first company in Turkey to launch bottled drinking water in one way packaging.  The first production plant was established in 1984.

The water is obtained from four natural springs at Madran, Gökçeağaç, Akçaağaç and İnegöl.  It is packaged in bottles made of plastic or glass in quantities ranging from single portion to dispenser sizes. The still spring water is sold under the strapline ‘Pınar Yaşam Pınarım’, while the sparkling water is sold under the brand name ‘Denge’.

Pınar Su was the first beverage brand in Turkey to be certified by the US-based National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for implementing Clean Room technology during the bottling process.  This provides a fully hygienic environment and ensures that the spring drinking water is untouched by human hand, and maintains its mineral balance throughout the production process.

Pınar Su’s approach on making investments is to select those springs, which are in the countryside far from inhabited places, and whose chemical properties and rate of water flow are not affected by changes in rainfall or water shortage throughout the year. The company’s bottling plants are in four different regions of Turkey. 

Investment was made at the new İnegöl Plant in Bursa to increase capacity there by 45% with the production of dispenser-size bottled water.  The second phase of the project, the plastic bottle production line and bottling facilities, will be completed in 2016.

In 2015 Pınar Su was the fourth largest company in Turkey’s packaged-water industry. Its product portfolio was spread over the following areas - 61% plastic-bottled drinking water, 38% dispenser-size bottled water, and 1% glass-bottled water (still and sparkling types).  

Over its 32 years, the company has positioned itself as an active player in international markets, and now operates in a wide range of countries. Currently the company exports its products to 24 countries.