Pınar Foods GmbH

Pınar Foods GmbH was established in Germany to increase the presence of the Yaşar Group companies’ food and beverage products in European markets. It produces and sells Pınar dairy products and Şölen meat products.  It also sells Pınar bottled water products imported from Turkey.

The range of products offered to the European markets include Pınar Su, Pınar long-life milk, full-fat and low-fat white cheese, kashar cheese, cheeses made from goat- and sheep-milk, Pınar white cheese, homogenized yoghurt, strained yoghurt, ayran yoghurt drink, Şölen barbeque spicy sausage (soudjouk), Şölen beef sausages and Şölen chicken sausages. Pınar Foods collaborates with Europe’s leading companies in the local production of its meat and dairy products.  It also places Pınar products on the shelves of selected shops throughout Europe. The Pınar products, which are produced locally by the Company, are available in European countries including Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as in USA and Azerbaijan.

The net sales of Pınar Foods totalled TL 48 million in 2015, with 75% of the total sales coming from dairy products.