Pınar Et

Pınar Et was founded in 1985 as the first privately-owned integrated meat facility in Turkey.  It supplies consumers with hygienic meat and meat products that are nutritious, delicious and innovative. Over the years, it has become the market leader in the charcuterie and frozen meat sectors. The company has responded to the demands and expectations of consumers with an extensive portfolio of more than 300 products.  These are grouped in six categories: charcuterie, frozen pastries, fresh seafood, fresh meat products, frozen seafood and frozen meat products. 

By 2015, Pınar Et has become the market leader in Turkey for its charcuterie products within the processed meat sector.  The company has made a significant contribution to the market with its range of frozen meat, pastries and fishery products.

Pınar Et has maintained its high growth performance.  It continues to lead and increase its market share in every sector.

In 2015, Pınar Et’s market share value in the charcuterie sector in Turkey was 23.7%. In the sector for Turkish soudjouk, the company continued to lead with the largest market segment and a market share value of 14.8%.  The company also led in the other processed meat sectors, reaching a market share value of 45.4% for its Pınar Salami and maintaining its leadership in the ever-growing ‘Sliced salami’ sector with its individual salami portions.  Pınar Sausages were also a sector leader with a market share value of 41.9%. In 2015 Pınar Et was the brand of choice in the frozen meat sector, with a market share value of 56.5%.  The brand was second in the frozen pastries sector, with a share of 22.1%. In the seafood sector, the company maintained its lead with a market share value of 39.9%. In 2015, Pınar Et exported to 15 countries, mostly within the geographic region. Of note the company secured a total export turnover of 6.1 million USD.

In 2015, the company has focused its investment on enhancing quality, customer satisfaction and productivity.  It has raised standards with upgrades and by providing additional capacity. A Breeding Farm at Ören became operational, following renovations carried out in 2015.

With its R&D work, Pınar Et aims to present consumers with new innovative products that are delicious, practical and trusted. The R&D team plays a key role in this approach, closely monitoring new developments in science and technology, and refining new high-quality and diverse products, which will further strengthen the company’s market position, increase its competitive edge and added value.

Pınar Et runs a fully-equipped laboratory, which can perform chemical and microbiological analyses. The facilities are in line with the requirements listed in the relevant regulations.  In 2008, the laboratory was certified by TSE, and awarded the 17025 Laboratory Competence Certificate. In 2015, Pınar Et was audited on its management systems and social responsibility implementation by TSE and SAI Global.  It was graded with an ‘A’ status.