Viking Kağıt

Viking Kağıt was established in Aliağa in the Aegean Region in 1969 as the ‘first privately-owned paper plant’ in Turkey.  The company then joined the Yaşar Group in 1982 and entered the tissue paper market in 1996.

With an annual production capacity of 45,800 tons, the company is one of the top four companies in the tissue paper market in Turkey. Viking Kağıt sells its products under five brand names: Premia, Lily, Senso and Pufla for home consumption, and Select for away from home consumption.  In 2015, the Select range was extended, in line with customer expectations and following R&D work in the field, and assumed the brand name of Optima.

Further investments were made to increase the quality and capacity of the plant.

With its range of differentiated products, Viking Kağıt aims to meet customers’ needs, whether at home or outside the home.  The company distributes products to over 30 dealers and has some 200 direct sales points.  The products reach customers and consumers at over 60,000 sales points.  The volume of exports has been fast growing, targeting some 32 countries, especially in Europe and the Middle East.

Viking Kağıt prioritises quality in the production process. To maintain this high quality, the company monitors and logs all processes, (from the placement of the order, to the delivery to the customer), based on instructions and procedures with defined steps. Viking Kağıt was the first privately-owned company in the industry in Turkey to be certified by an international audit company with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate and successfully pass the ISO 9001:2008 audit.

The company was also the first paper-cardboard manufacturer in Turkey to be awarded the Forest Stewardship Council – Chain of Custody (FSC-CoC) Management System Certificate in 2010. This certificate is an important indicator of Viking Kağıt’s environmental awareness and was renewed in 2015.

The company focuses on being an eco-friendly manufacturer and saves, on average 300,000 trees each year, with its Select Smart and Pufla branded ‘eco-friendly’ tissue paper products. Viking Kağıt also reports on its corporate carbon footprint each year and continues to develop projects to decrease its carbon emissions. In 2015, the Company started a new project focusing on water consumption and has started to record its water footprint.