Yaşar Dış Ticaret

Yaşar Dış Ticaret was established in 1971.  Known for its experience, quality operations and wide network of international partners, the company has focused on developing international trade links for the Yaşar Group companies.  The trade is implemented in accordance with the Group’s main export strategy, and has included such products as meat, milk and spring drinking water, as well as paints, chemicals, and absorbent cleaning paper. The company also supports the Yaşar Group companies by sourcing quality raw materials and importing them into Turkey.

In 2015, Yaşar Dış Ticaret exported to 69 destinations including the Gulf Region, countries in the EU and North Africa, Iraq and Azerbaijan.  The company’s net sales amounted to TL 273.7 million, and its exports totalled USD 101 million. In 2016, Yaşar Dış Ticaret will continue to sell products from the Yaşar Group companies to new and existing markets. In addition, Yaşar Dış Ticaret works with several national companies to support their trading activities in international markets.