Yaşar Bilgi İşlem

Yaşar Bilgi İşlem(YABİM) was founded in 1983 to meet the software and hardware requirements of the Yaşar Group companies.  In 1996, YABİM started to build an integrated IT infrastructure for the Group companies, utilising SAP R/3 licensed software, and implementing the Group’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) project.

This infrastructure became the IT hub of the Yaşar Group. It started to be serviced by Astron, a specialist group managed by YABİM. The objective was to gain a competitive edge for the Group, by strengthening the IT infrastructure with the latest technology, streamlining processes and integrating systems. The services provided by Astron include SAP and non-SAP business software, e-mail and internet provision, intranet services, wide area network and local network communication, data security, PCs, mobile devices, servers and peripheral devices, acquisition of information technologies, license management and IT trainings. Astron has been the first group to implement such a large-scale SAP project in Turkey. In 2014 the company became an ‘SAP Solution Partner’ and now, in addition to the Yaşar Group companies, it offers its services to third-parties both at home and abroad.